Stressless Arion sofa

Arion medium corner
Arion medium corner

Options include three seat, two seat, individual chair and medium corner.

Arion high back and low back sofas

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Who doesn’t want the best seat in the house?

Vengeance Valley

Popular for home theater seating, the Stressless Arion deserves the Oscar for Comfort with its patented Glide and Plus systems that respond to your body’s slightest movement with individually reclining seats and and an adjustable headrest option.

Make your home a movie house. Combine Arion sofas with a Medium Corner for the perfect sectional. Options include three seat, two seat, single chair and medium corner.

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Stressless sofas are designed and made in Norway. Stressless uses four types of leather: Paloma, Cori, Batick, and Noblesse in dozens of colors. There are also hundreds of fabrics to choose from. Sofas are assembled in the U.S. and available for Fast Track shipping in all leather, fabric, wood, and leg combinations. We recommend visiting a local dealer for all sofa orders.

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