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A brick and mortar store bringing great products to your door.

Homefurnishers is the online store for Traditions Home and Traditions Furniture. Traditions has been making homes beautiful and satisfying customers for more than 30 years. Locations in Wichita and Overland Park, Kansas.

Of course, we are kidding. Ida Claire, Marsha Mellow, and Chris P. Bacon are nom de plumes. Kidding around takes some of the stress out of life. Then again, when we are not working, we are relaxing in the world's most comfortable recliner. Stressless, making it better, making it different, designed and made in Norway.
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Ida Claire

Customer Service

Chris P Bacon

Art Director/Philosophizer

Marsha Mello

Senior Designer

Interior design and homefurnishings in a neighborhood setting.

Traditions Home started in Wichita in 1984. Our goal was to find great products and offer them at reasonable prices, and still stay in a neighborhood setting. Our first choice was the College Hill neighborhood of Wichita. It is a friendly place with schools, churches, businesses, restaurants, and homes. A few years later, we took our idea to Downtown Overland Park, Kansas. We renovated the historic Strang Carbarn (Overland Park’s oldest building), and we like to think, we have become a fixture.

We have been at it now for over 30 years. Stressless recliners are an important part of our business. So too is Stickley Furniture, Century, Lexington, Vanguard, Gat Creek, Nichols & Stone, and many other fine lines.

Over the years we have watched as homefurnishings are offered in a host of settings – barns, crates, barrels, hardware stores (pun intended) all in suburban malls and shopping centers – but we remain committed to Main Street and the neighborhoods where we grew up and where our families still live.

With over 30 years making homes beautiful and customers satisfied, we must be doing something right.

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