Michaelian Home Pillows

Hooked Wool

happy santa michaelian home pillow
happy santa
western santa michaelian home pillow
western santa
reindeer candy cane michaelian home pillow
reindeer candy cane
menorah michaelian home pillow
old town michaelian holiday pillow
old town
starry snowman michaelian home pillow
starry snowman
tree with red lights hooked pillow
tree with red lights
nautical christmas michaelian home holiday pillows
nautical christmas

Needlepoint, Petit Point, Mixed Stitch

santa gifts michaelian holiday pillow
santa gifts
santa with birds michaelian holiday pillow
santa with birds
santa tree michaelian holiday pillow
santa tree
elk with horn needlepoint pillow
elk with horn
candy cane pillow
candy cane
christmas black lab michaelian home throw pillow
christmas black lab
greenery pillow

Cotton Print

Snowman pillow
snowman pillow
Winter Boots
winter boots
peace on earth michaelian holiday pillow
peace on earth
scottie christmas michaelian holiday pillow
scottie christmas

Michaelian Home’s history in textiles dates to the 1920s when Frank Michaelian was one of the first Americans to import textiles from the Middle East and India. More…