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Ikornness, Norway

Ikornness, Norway, population 800, home to the revolutionary Stressless recliner, proving that great things begin small. To get there, head north towards the Arctic Circle, far up the rugged western coastline of Norway, pass towering mountains, sail up blue fjords to beautiful Møre og Romsdal county and the Sykkylvsfjorden.

Does this matter?

We think so.

In 1972, Ekornes made its first Stressless recliner. It was a hit, but innovation drives business.

In the years that followed, the creative designers at Stressless added patented features like the Plus and Glide systems to make comfortable sitting  as natural as sitting down. Taking a page from Little Red Riding Hood, Stressless recognized that human bodies are not the same, offering recliners in sizes: large, medium and small.

Design is an important part of innovation and, over the years, Stressless created new and modern designs. Noreover, the company adapted its classic oval shaped base into a new sleek chrome base, and added the unique star rotating base to several of its retro-styled chairs like the Metro and the City recliners.

Stressless and Ekornes make sofas in modern and contemporary Scandinavian designs, incorporating many of the same patented features in its recliners. Finally, Stressless brought theater seating home, creating a range of styles with all the comfort you come to expect from a company known for comfort and style.


Let’s make your purchasing decision simple. First, we recommend using a local retailer when available. Stressless can provide you with a list of retailers near you.

If you need to purchase your recliner online we hope that you use homefurnishers.com. With 30 years of making customers happy, we are ready to answer questions and ship you a leather sample on request.

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