Abstract Art – Propac Images

Abstract art does not try to represent reality as it is.

harmony in blue flowers white vase
abstract art garden delight multi-colored flowers
thoughtful propac textured image
fenlands landscape of trees and water propac images

Rather, its goal is to achieve a sensory effect, to expand the mind, to shake the soul. So it is that it must breaks all rules of form, shape, and even color. Though we cannot precisely define it, we know that it works, even if we’re still not sure why, because it moves us in a very real way.

tree abstract propac images
nature propac images
on the horizon wintry scene of trees, water and mountains
a brillantly golden tree against a blue background, whispering tree

Abstraction allows one to see with the mind what cannot be seen with the eyes.

abstract 1 red and yellow propac images
abstract red yellow red blue white propac images
argentum abstract study in silver and black
fly away propac images

Like music abstract art conveys emotion, its notes are found in color and tone, shape and form. A cityscape may become a symphony in silver, a forest of birch a rhapsody in blue.

city bridge propac images
paris propac images
winter mist propac art
blue birch trees propac images canvas

Abstract art deals with our perception of the world and our curiosity about the reach of our own imagination.

suspension of disbelief propac images
circus romance propac images
swift encounter propac images
boundlessness in bloom propac images
fair trade frame of mind propac images
thanks for the melodies

Though many claim that Abstraction is a recent trend, it can be truly said that it has been around for 20,000 years as the Lascaux Palaeolithic cave paintings demonstrate.