City Office chair


City High-back & Low-back office chairs give you movability.  Two back lengths and two base heights to allow for average and tall individuals, formal and casual settings.

Paloma leathers: black, sparrow blue

Paloma black
Paloma sparrow blue
sparrow blue

Specify back length: high back and low back;
Specify base height: standard and extra (adds 1.5 inches)

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Stressless City office chair comes in two different back lengths and base heights, to make it your perfect companion.

request leather samplesPaloma leathers: black and sparrow blue are stocked in New Jersey and ready for quick shipment in 4-6 weeks. Additional Paloma leathers as well as Batik, Cori, and Noblesse* are available for shipment from Norway. Longer shipping times apply.

Leather sample sent upon request.

To request other Paloma leathers, or Batick, Cori, and Noblesse, please call for assistance, 316 684-2177

*Batick is slightly less expensive and Cori and Noblesee, slightly more.

All chrome rotating star base, standard and extra height.

City office black
City office black
City low back copper



Or call 316-684-2177

Additional information

Back length

high back, low back

Paloma leathers

black, sparrow blue

Base height

standard, extra


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